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Ecosystem Science for Global Restoration

Global ecological restoration is crucial in the fight against climate change. Explore earth's biogeography with Tom Crowther, professor at ETH Zürich.

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Stories about climate change

Learn how scientists, policy makers, developers, engineers, and many others have used GIS technology to better understand the monumental challenges of addressing climate change

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Discover how GIS helps leaders meet their climate goals using geospatial tools and make smarter decisions for the planet

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ArcGIS lessons for climate change, impact, and adaptation

ArcGIS lessons for climate change, impact, and adaptation

Esri UK and the Met Office have created ArcGIS lessons to help students and the public learn how GIS analysis applies to measuring climate change impact and adaptation.

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How location intelligence can help combat the climate crisis

How location intelligence can help combat the climate crisis

Through partnerships and open data sharing with authoritative federal sources, Esri provides predictive analysis data on various weather-related risks, as well as live feeds of incident data.

Energy Disruption Maps
GIS for Climate

GIS for Climate

Access data and apply spatial analysis to understand patterns of change and risk through the GIS Climate site created and maintained by Esri. Sites created with ArcGIS Hub help you organize people, data, and tools to accomplish initiatives and goals.

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Climate Change Indicators

Climate Change Indicators

A story map from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Forest Service and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shows a selection of just some of the changes that are currently occurring due to climate change.

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